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This is a post.

Been hemming and hawing about how much detail I want to go into with this, but seeing as how no one read this when I posted regularly, and no one's expecting much now, whatever.

New (Fig) Leaf?>/b> - I'm attracted to someone, and it's pretty refreshing, because it seems to be more than just "I'd hit it," and the first remotely genuine infatuation I've had in a while. As opposed to, "There may be some slim chance of getting with her which would distract me from other deep-seated woes so I might as well take a crack at this," which never worked anyway. I am talking to her like a normal human being on a regular basis and enjoying it, and not trying to glean information on her by combing Facebook, Myspace, and whatnot using just her first name and proximity or workplace searches. Used to let rumors do my work, got around real well, only hurt liar's quirk et cetera.

It's crazy, right? If someone does find the original me and he is resuscitatible (resuscible? words?), feel free to burn the pod-me that's been floating around and clearly typed this.

Oh, and yeah, it's a girl. Don't tell my mom. I don't want to shatter the whole Schroedinger's Homo illusion she's got going.

For the Twitter crowd, "Triscuit." Now it might make more sense if you haven't followed closely. (All goes well and I might change her nickname to Double Stuf AWWWWWWWWW YISSSSSSSSS high fives and junk I am terrible.)

Haven't quite reached the point where I usually clam back up and start self-flagellating over how I will never find love because I can never love my fat, lazy self and must eschew the ways of the world until such a time when I can bench-press a mule, but that will be tackled as/if it comes. I have been eating better, so that might not even be as much an issue.

Other News - I have two kittens that need homes. I think the one's down with litter training, but the other's not quite grasping it. He does keep his business on a hard tile floor in the room where the litter box -is-, so I give him some credit.

I work too much, with too little to show for it. Finally forcing myself to take a vacation in August, which I am bookending with two sweet parties and spending the middle cleaning house and writing. I mean, I haven't even penned anything crappy for Destructoid lately, and it's not like I've played anything remotely new in the past year or two. My last Gamefly experiences were Lego Indiana Jones 2, which was a good time as always, and a second shot at Assassin's Creed (the first one), which still fucking sucks. I've decided that not even gamerscore can keep me playing something I can't get into. Call it evolution.

My friends consistently amaze me in little ways, and while I often wonder why those that bother with me still do, I am still a huge whore and lap that shit right up so don't stop ever. Thanks.

I kind of miss the con scene, but I kind of don't. Do they have cons where you can readily punch nerdy snots whom you feel to be out of line? Because seriously, some of Those People. Some of 'em. That, and I just care about anime soooo much less than I ever did. PAX and/or Dragon*Con are not a likely thing for me, as much as I want to and could probably afford it, getting out of both jobs, nevermind just one, on Labor Day weekend would require pulling, if not knocking out, teeth. YEAH COMMAS BITCH YOU LOVE THAT SHIT SUCK IT DOWN. I think the rest of this year is going to be just friends' parties (MYINTERNETNICKNAMEcons), maybe a stop in at Zenkai or whatever it is now, if that didn't happen yet, to check out the game room or something, and a definite push for the next MAGfest.

That's about it. It's late and I think it would be funny if I submitted myself for the casting call for The Tester. Just to do it.



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