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Glad that's over.

My younger brother got married today, on what I did not know was the tenth anniversary of their first date. Ten years. He's been dating this broad for ten years. My mind's certainly a bit boggled.

I had an okay time. Tux looked good despite the clip-on tie and the fact they gave us cufflinks with shirts that had button cuffs. Uh, what? Managed not to kill the bride's brothers when they were being dickshits about the photographer (who's a longtime family friend) and his methods, and didn't slap the one brother's wife for being a huge cunt. It's a relief their kids are awesome and obviously have not been adversely affected by their parents, yet.

Mother pulled me aside at one point to ask, yet again, if I was homosexual, based on the fact that I asked a male friend's roommate, who happened to be at the bar at the same time as our rehearsal dinner, whether she'd seen said roommate stop by that night, since he'd texted me earlier asking me when the dinner was. What? Even after trying to explain that, she went on to make it clear that it was fine with her and her husband if that was my choice of lifestyle and I went on to get more annoyed as the rest of the evening progressed.

The fried chicken and hot roast beef were delightful, even if the fare did resemble something closer to a barbeque than a wedding, and completely shafted my cousin and any other vegetarians. It's not like they could have forgotten her in the planning, seeing as how she was a bridesmaid. Just a salad would've been a step in the right direction and not left her starving, especially since they didn't cut the cake until half the guests had gotten fed up with waiting and departed.

A mediocre DJ pandering to the country music tastes of the bride's family and an annoying encounter with my mother's dog out in their vehicle and I called it an early night. Remind me to elope if the issue ever comes up.


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Apr. 25th, 2010 09:26 am (UTC)
It's got to be the fourth or fifth time that's happened. Apparently, not openly discussing my romantic pursuits/disasters means I'm sleeping with anyone and anything with which I hang out.

I never posted the first warning signs a few weeks ago, when I showed up for a tux fitting and one of her brothers was there in biker-esque garb, including a "vest" which was just a shirt with cut-off sleeves. He wore the same outfit to the rehearsal last night, despite me telling the bride to let everyone know they needed sleeves for the restaurant we were eating at afterwards.

Irritated at the news when we arrived, he put on one of his work shirts. Which was another denim shirt, only with the sleeves cut off at the elbows instead of the shoulders.
( 2 somethings on your mind — drift out of time )



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